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Jónsvika Art Residency and Festival

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Jónsvika Art Residency and Festival


A week long art residency and festival in Kaldbak, Húsavík, Iceland 11. – 16. June 2012.


JÓNSVIKA is a week long art residency in Húsavík for young emerging visual artists, in the North of Iceland during the summer solstice in Iceland, where the sun never sets, over the week of 11.- 16. June 2012. The residency results in an art festival taking place on the last day, saturday the 16th of June, with an exhibition during the day and a music performance during the evening.



The JÓNSVIKA art residency will take place over a week, from 11. – 16. June. Around 8 artists will participate. Focus will be put towards choosing artists that make a cross over between city and countryside, different media, different methods and different cultures.

The residency will take place in an old farm house, Kaldbakur, right outside the town of Húsavík, which is a small remote fishing village in the North east of Iceland with around 200 inhabitants.


Árni Már Erlingsson (REY),

Björk Viggósdóttir (REY), 

Camilla Renate Nicolaisen (BERGEN), 

Dóra Hrund Gísladóttir (REY), 

Felicity Rose Barrow (LONDON)

Hertha María Ritchard Úlafsdóttir (AK)

Mekkín Ragnarsdóttir (AK), 


Over the week the artists will work freely on their works and projects, as well as following a schedule of activities, that will involve Kundalini yoga sessions in the mornings, breakfast and a morning dialogues and talks as well as lectures. The speakers and contributors will come from Husavik and educate and inform the artists on different subjects, i.e. art education in the Húsavík secondary school, the Husavik Museum, the Husavik Whale museum etc. The schedule also involves visits to towns and local manufactures, such as to the net making factory, the steal garage, the carpentry, the recycling factory and more.

These various activities will work as an inspiration and as a new approach towards the production of their art works. The endeavor will result in an art festival – JÓNSVIKA.


The JÓNSVIKA Festival will take place on 16th of June 2012 in Kaldbak, Húsavík.


The exhibition will open at 15.00 on Saturday. The works displayed will be works that the artists have produced during the week and will be inspired by their stay in Húsavík and the activities there.

At 20.00 the same day music acts will take place on the attic of the Cow shed, with a fantastic view of the mountains, the lake and the seaside.


Cheek Mountain Thief (UK, HÚS, REY),

Grúska Babúska (HÚS, REY),

Þórir Georg (REY, HÚS),

Friðrik Marinó Ragnarsson (HÚS),

Lára Sóley Jóhannesdóttir (HÚS) 

Axel Flóvent, (HÚS)

Harmonikkufélag Þingeyinga (the local Accordian association). TBC

Karlakórinn Hreimur (the Hreimur male choir). TBC


The non-local guests will have a chance to stay at Kaldbakskot, cottages, as well as the town of Húsavík has plenty of other accommodation possibilities in town as well as activites, please see: and for more information.



Harpa Fönn Sigurjónsdóttir

+354 7731770


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