Saturday, 10. July 2010

9. júlí 2010 – Villa Reykjavík

FRAFL vinnur fyrir CIA á Villa Reykjavík // FRAFL works for CIA – Center for Icelandic Art, during Villa Reykjavík.

Hátíðin hefst í dag, föstudaginn 9. júlí, og stendur opnunarvika hennar yfirþar til 16. júlí með spennandi dagskrá hvern dag.

Allar nánari upplýsingar um hátíðina má finna hér:


Villa Reykjavík

(Tekið af heimasíðu)

Reykjavík – there we are
This summer 14 European galleries will find their temporary home for a month in Reykjavík. After all, the centre is where we are. This is the belief on which the Reykjavík project is based.
We aim to prove that private galleries with curatorial experience can be innovative and stimulating, that they look forward to active interaction with the public and not only follow the market rules of competition. This is not an art fair! On the contrary – Villa Reykjavík is a result of the general disappointment with the formula of art fairs. In addition, the project stems from the conviction that private galleries which collaborate with given artists play a decisive role in determining the shape of contemporary art field and the directions of its explorations. The way we propose to collaborate is different. If only in a small scale we want to release a collective energy, and rediscover our common denominator – art in its many manifestations, a penchant for experimentation and risk.

International art district
We will witness a significant geographical shift with the focus on this one particular place on the map. All the invited galleries will, for a month, thus creating an international art district. Solo exhibitions or projects involving a few chosen artists will be organised. A review of private European galleries – from Vilnius and Warsaw to London and Reykjavík – will thus take place next to each other, creating a place of meeting and confrontation.

Week of events
The opening of Villa Reykjavík is planned for 9 July 2010. The first week of the international art district will be very special – full of openings, concerts, performances, meetings, and many other events. Each day has a meticulously planned agenda. Artists collaborating with the participating galleries will be present. Łukasz Ronduda will prepare a special programme of experimental films. The Icelandic part of the entire undertaking is in the hands of Kling & Bang from Reykjavík.
One of the clubs in the city – Bakkus – will become the club of Villa Reykjavík. This will be the focal venue where everybody will have the chance to really interact, where all the guests and participants of the project – gallery owners, curators, artists, and the public – will have a chance to meet.

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